Every September, when the new school year begins, the city’s biggest and most entertaining festival lands at Technopolis. For kids only; access to adults is strictly forbidden!

Colors, shapes, games, music... Put all these together and mix them up with tons of imagination and lots of smiles! What else? Don’t forget to add one or two pinches of joy and carelessness, and there you go...your recipe is ready! And what are all these used for? But of course, for the kids’ planet, the P100! Where can you find this planet? Its exact coordinates lead us to 100 Pireos Avenue, at the intersection of Iakhou Street and Persefonis Street. Just look up at the sky and you will see its three high chimneys standing out. You can’t miss it!

What does the navigation on this planet include? Sports activities for everyone, fascinating and multi-themed educational workshops for all tastes, audience favorite educational programs organized by the Industrial Gas Museum, interactive exhibitions, appetizing cooking and pastry workshops, a food corner, dance workshops, musical theater performances, concerts and performances, lectures and open discussions for parents, and many surprises!

P100-Planet Technopolis is a multi-themed two-day festival for kids between 18 months and 18 years of age, which already in its first year welcomed more than 6,000 visitors. Its purpose is to cultivate imagination, respect, creativity, co-existence and love, and to encourage the parents travel back to their own childhood. After all, “all grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.”