The Industrial Gas Museum has inspired the set-up of the Industrial Gas Museum Shop which is maintained at the New Watergas building. The history and aesthetics of the old gasworks are reflected in an impressive collection which focuses on design.  

The Industrial Gas Museum Shop sells unique works by Greek designers, handmade creations, one-of-a-kind ornaments, useful homeware items, bold jewellery, special gifts, ceramics, souvenirs… with a twist, toys, stationery, publications, merchandise, articles inspired by the old gasworks, the Industrial Gas Museum’s catalogue and many more.

The Industrial Gas Museum Shop supports the newly emerging domestic art production and the work of Greek industrial designers in cooperation with Greek craft industry enterprises and factories. At the same time it takes control of the entire manufacturing process by delivering end- products directly to consumers without using intermediaries, thus ensuring the lowest price possible. 

The first industrial designer to get commissioned by the Industrial Gas Museum was Yannis Ghikas, one of the exceptional Greek designers who have received the Red Dot Award and the German Design Award. Inspired by the museum, he turned to the field of lighting and created a candle holder of “obsolete technology”, the so-called Candlehandle as well as the ceramic containers Way in which are influenced by the industrial aesthetics of the city. 

Apart from Yannis Ghikas, among the permanent partners of the Industrial Gas Museum Shop is the jewelry designer Maximos Zachariadis, whereas recently the museum started a new collaboration with Studiolav for the Toolbooks stationary set.

Opening hours: 

Wednesday to Sunday: 10.00 - 18.00

IGMShop will be closed on August.

Contact us:

T. (+30) 210 3460981

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