Since May 2014 when the distinctive Gasholder 2 building began its operation, INNOVATHENS has served as a meeting hub for people with innovative ideas, businessmen, academics, mentors and researchers. It has been established as one of the most effective networking, interaction, knowledge & experience exchange centers in the creative and business setting of Athens.

Through seminars, workshops, presentations, information and networking events, exhibitions and festivals, competitions and hackathons, INNOVATHENS promotes entrepreneurship and innovation, whereas the last years it has been geared to strengthening and developing CCIs (Creative & Cultural Industries) in Greece and abroad.

INNOVATHENS was established in strategic partnership with Samsung Electronics Hellas, a global leader in high-technology products and in collaboration with Athens Σynergies, 6 business associations representing more than 350 innovative and outward-looking businesses of Athens.


INNOVATHENS hosts on a daily basis seminars, workshops and seminar cycles for the development of soft skills, entrepreneurial skills, tech, digital and programming skills as well as workshops on educational robotics, microscience, animation and coding for children and adolescents in collaboration with specialized trainers, acclaimed companies and business associations, universities and research centers. 

Business Accelerator

INNOVATHENS Business Accelerator is a 3-month program aiming at strengthening entrepreneurial activity by providing services focusing on the identification of needs, seminars, and personalized mentoring and coaching addressed to startups and enterprises, thus allowing them to develop, evolve and rightfully claim a position in the innovation ecosystem of the city, the Greek and –mainly– the international market.

EU projects

With a view to achieve extroversion, strengthen entrepreneurship and develop creative industries at national and international level, INNOVATHENS and Technopolis take part in international networks, collaborate with acclaimed institutions, universities and companies with which they exchange ideas, know-how and good practices.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 10.00-18.00

Contact us:

T. (+30) 213 0109300

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